Thursday, February 14, 2013

Advanced Android Concepts

 SQLiteDatbase Example1

SQLiteDatabase Example2

 SQLiteDatabase Example3

Android HTTPClient

Using HttpUrlConnection in Android

REST+JSON Web Service Example in Android

XML Processing in Android

XML PullParser Tutorial in Android

StrictMode in Android

 AsyncTask Example1

 AsyncTask Example2

Google Maps Android API V2 Showing current location with marker

Facing Problem in GoogleMaps Android APIV2

 Finding Current Location(Not Suggested)

 Finding Current Location using LocationListener Interface(Suggested)

 Finding Current Location Address

BroadCast Receiver in Android

Battery BroadCast Receiver in Android

Custom BroadCast Receiver

Reading Incoming Phone Number using  BroadCast Receiver in Android

CustomBroadCastReceiver in Android

SMS Listener using BroadCast Receiver 



 Fragment Example(1)

 Fragment Example(2)

Fragment LifeCycle

Fragment Lifecycle in Android

ListFragment Example

ListFragment EventHandling Example


 Playing Audio files


Intent Service Example in Android

 Checking Network connection

Android ActionBar Tab Example

ActionBar Menu

Contextual Menu Action Mode

Publishing AdMob Ads in Android Applications 

Rest+JSON Web Service Example

Using HTTPUrlConnection

Intent Service with Web Service

Forward Geo Coding

Sax Parser Example

Sax Parser with Custom ListView

Display all Contacts

Publishing Android Applications in Google Play

Publishing ads in Android Applications using Ad Mob

Fragment Transactions

Display Context Menu for one click in ListView

Gallery Using View Pager

ActionBar Tutorials 01-->Adding ActionBar to the Activity

ActionBar Tutorials 02-->Removing ActionBar

ActionBar Tutorials 03-->Setting Custom Icon,Color and Title

ActionBar Tutorials 04-->CustomView in the ActionBar

ActionBar Tutorials 05-->Setting icons on the ActionBar and Listening Action

ActionBar Tutorials 06-->Using Split ActionBar

ActionBar Tutorials 07-->Navigation with App Icon

Navigation Drawer Example


Rajesh said...

Sir, what about remaining topics about web services, telephony, wifi, Bluetooth, camera Iam eagerly waiting for them

Rajesh said...

Sir, What about the remaining topics WebServices, wifi, Bluetooth, camera...JSON etc, I am eagerly waiting for them

mohammad ameer hamza khan said...

Sir,Do you have any topic about Web services.Response parsing etc?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Sir, Is there any topic for surfaceview i am facing so much of problem implementing it.
like it is stretch the image. please provide any solution.